Chamiso At The Arroyo

Abstract landscape of the Arroyo Chamiso that runs through Santa Fe from the foothills of the Sangre De Cristo mountains. In the spring time the chamiso (sage) changes color to a brilliant yellow then turns sage green. When it rains, the plant's aroma perfumes the air. Arroyos (dry washes) in the high desert provide the much needed water for the local flora and fauna.

Another  series of  watercolors working to achieve a minimalist feel. A fun way to bust loose and explore with watercolors using quick strokes with a Japanese writing brush on rough watercolor paper.

16" x 12" image size, 16" x 20" mat, ready to frame.
Image was photographed to represent original colors, but your monitor colors may vary the colors slightly.

$320.00 Original watercolor painting

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