Shrub Oak

Small and shrubby, gambel oak occurs along foothills and mountain slope throughout much of New Mexico. Gambel oak occurs as a shrub and is locally referred to as scrub oak due to its small size. Dense thickets of form along sunny slopes, creating a natural hedgerow of bluish-green, lobed foliage. In late summer, it bears a crop of small, rounded acorns that are an important food source for many animal species.

Another  series of  watercolors working to achieve a minimalist feel. A fun way to bust loose and explore with watercolors using quick strokes with a Japanese writing brush on rough watercolor paper.

7 1/2" x 11 1/2" image size, 16" x 20" mat, ready to frame.
Image was photographed to represent original colors, but your monitor colors may vary the colors slightly.

$150.00 Original watercolor painting

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